About This Blog

A Life I Want is a blog designed to chronicle the life of Vanessa Kelman as she attempts to take charge of her life and create the life she really wants to live.

Vanessa’s life changes can be broken down into five main categories: Health, Making a Difference, Career, Money, and Relationships. Sometimes goals will cover just one category, and sometimes a goal will take over every aspect of her life. The purpose of this blog is to share Vanessa’s journey as a means of inspiring and motivating others while keeping Vanessa motivated and inspired as well.

For information and guidance to help you take charge of your own life, check out Vanessa’s blog, A Life You Want (site currently undergoing renovations). To learn more about Vanessa Kelman’s professional endeavors, including where to buy her books and e-books and where to find other sites she has designed and created, visit her website at www.VanessaKelman.com.

Vanessa encourages comments and feedback, so don’t be shy!

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