Another Year Over, A New One Just Begun…

Well, it’s a new year. 2018 had its share of ups and downs, with perhaps more downs than ups (my last grandparent passed away, I got a divorce, the Avery camp behavior fiasco), and yet reflecting back I think the year as a whole was a positive, productive one. Life, I believe, is moving in the right direction, and I have high hopes that 2019 will continue the upward trajectory.

So what will 2019 bring? Well, grad school starts in a couple of weeks. Time with my kids, of course. A cleaner, more organized house? Business boosts and more money juggling? As always, it’s time to make those resolutions — I prefer to call them goals — for the year. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Establish new routines and habits for myself and my kids that accomplish a few important things:
    • More quality time together
    • Growth as individuals — and more self-reliance
    • Productivity
    • Better time management
  • Begin and make progress in my Masters Degree. If I’m able to meet my expectations for workload, I should have half of my degree complete by the end of the year (taking 2 classes per semester, including summer session).
  • Continue to grow as an Educational Services Representative with Usborne Books & More, helping more schools and sharing a love of reading with more kids. (For those familiar with UBAM’s procedures, I want to have active relationships with 7 listed schools and/or libraries).
  • Finish organizing my house so every item has a home, and the result is an efficient — but fully functional and practical — environment for myself and my kids.

I would like to be in a better place financially by the end of the year, as well, but between grad school, businesses, and life, I have no idea what a practical goal would be. So we’ll just leave the money bit as a vague “do as well financially as possible.”

And I think that about covers it. I already have plans in place to work on the main goals indicated above, as well as some smaller goals (progress on my websites, for example), so I should be off to a good start. My goals are ambitious, but if I can stay focused for the most part, I think they’re achievable. I guess we’ll find out in about a year!

For now, I’m finding that staying up until midnight and waking up at 5 am are not really a good mix (life with kids — gotta love it!), so I shall sign off. Here’s to a great year! What are your goals?