Summer’s Just Begun

Isn’t it funny how sometimes one aspect of your life can just seem to take over for a bit? It seems to happen to me a lot; my regular schedule goes out the window because a pressing deadline or unexpected news pops up. I do the bare minimum with other stuff and devote most of my “free” time to this new activity.

The last couple of weeks it’s been Usborne Books & More. Not really surprising, but instead of the one deadline (such as a vendor event) that has to be addressed, this time it was a few at once! There was the self-imposed action of creating an inventory sale. But then I was encouraged to be part of a booking challenge (during which we try to schedule as many parties as possible and compete against each other), home office issued a special recruiting offer, I was finishing up tasks related to my book fair, and, of course, I had to deal with the regular flurry of new ideas and tasks that come to mind.

Fortunately most of the UBAM activity should be settling down this week. Then I can get back into a regular routine (if there even is such a thing!). As of now I don’t know of any deadlines I need to worry about until the end of August. That means I have almost two months to tackle my cleaning projects and figure out a regular routine that lets me stay on top of things when school starts. Sounds like enough time, but it won’t be easy. I really only have four full days when Kevin has the kids, plus an hour here and there, to get things done. At night I rarely have the energy to tackle big cleaning projects, and in the early morning I rarely have enough time to really get started. Those are times I reserve for regular tasks and smaller items that come up.

But more important that all the cleaning and organizing tasks in the world is my kids. I feel my attention has been divided a bit, and that being present has been more of a challenge than it should be. So this summer I need to work on that, too. I need to make sure I make time to play and read and do things with them. And I need to work on less pleasant tasks: potty-training Emily and working with Avery on his attitude and behavior. Those are no less important, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the struggles we’re facing in those areas have to do with my constant busy-ness. I need to work on finding balance (surprise, surprise, right?). I know most parents struggle in that area, but I also know that I can improve. It is within my power, and my kids deserve it.

So my goals for the next two months:

  • Finish cleaning projects (living room, basement areas, playroom, and kitchen)
  • Spend time daily playing and doing things with my kids
  • Figure out how I’m paying for grad school
  • Potty train Emily
  • Have fun!
  • Find at least a little time to relax

Easy peasy, right?

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