Hope and Potential

Yet another crazy week awaits, but this one is full of potential. Today, as per Sunday usual, is not very exciting. It will be consumed by cleaning and errands. But tomorrow the exciting stuff begins.

Get It Started
Monday afternoon I meet with a couple of faculty members at Avery’s school, to discuss programs and opportunities with Usborne Books & More. It will be my first official meeting as an Educational Services Representative, and, while I’m nervous, I’m pretty excited about it. I think a couple of the offerings, in particular, would be great fits. I just hope they agree!

Wednesday evening I will be attending my first Friends of the Library meeting at my town’s library. While I am interested in helping the library overall, I am also hopeful it will become a foot in the door for ESR opportunities, as well (and perhaps, down the road, career opportunities). I don’t know yet if I will bring up Usborne Books & More in this first meeting; I’ll have to see how it goes. But either way it will be a good opportunity to meet others who are involved in the library, and find ways I can become involved, too.

Keep It Going
Friday I will be visiting a nursing home as a vendor, for both books and whatever baskets I’m able to scrounge up. I’ve been there before, and it’s been worth the time and effort, so I’m hoping for another successful visit. I have plenty of books to sell! And the timing may work out well for Easter (that was the plan, anyway!). Whatever doesn’t sell will (hopefully) be posted on Facebook next weekend in case anyone else is looking for Easter goodies.

Saturday I will be attending an event as an author. When’s the last time that happened? When I learned about the Read Local event back around the holidays, I was excited to get my writing “career” going again. Of course I had hoped to have recent writing projects to discuss at the event, but that hasn’t happened. Still, I’m hoping this will be a little push to get in touch with that part of myself again. I have plenty of books to bring and, perhaps, sell, so fingers crossed for a successful event!

The Big Picture
You may have noticed a lot of “hoping” in the plans for this week. And that about sums it up. I’m trying to stay optimistic, counting on something to reap rewards. I’ve decided to put most of my efforts into opportunities that actually mean something to me, rather than struggling with the dull, meaningless activities that do nothing to get me ahead. I really want to move in the right direction, not just tread water being stressed and disgruntled. And I know if these opportunities pan out, the results will be worth it. Not only will they be beneficial financially, but they will be helping me create the “brand” I want, as I discussed last week. They will actually put me more in touch with my purpose, and that can only be a good thing.

So: an exciting, busy, nerve-wracking week. But, oh, the possibilities!


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