A Little Clarity

Oh, what a week! That makes it sound like it was horrible, but actually it was a very inspiring and motivating week, at least as far as my professional life is concerned. It was a week of little pushes and possibly big steps forward (though only time will say for sure). And I feel I’m finally getting a handle on what I want to do with my life. Sounds good, right? So what happened?

Well, to start, I don’t believe I mentioned it in my last post, but I am now a certified Educational Services Representative for Usborne Books & More. FINALLY! This is one of the main reasons I signed on with Usborne in the first place. As an ESR I can now work with schools and libraries on reading programs, fundraising, and, of course, direct sales. It has A LOT of potential, but, perhaps more importantly, it has me excited about the business again. While I have nothing against parties and the like, they’re really not my forte. I would prefer to have a few organizations that I help on an ongoing basis, rather than have to constantly go out and search for new customers, new sales, and new business. And I love that I can help these organizations earn free books for themselves and the children they service.

That being said, I’ve started putting out feelers to get my ESR business going. I hope to be working with Avery’s school in the near future, and I’ve already been in communication with the literacy coordinator there to arrange a meeting. I also have the contact information for the person who handles ordering at the local library, too. I’m holding off on sending that e-mail until I’ve received my official starter kit, though. It should arrive on Tuesday according to UPS tracking, so I may have a new lead next week, too! I’m excited to get started.

The other big business-y development this week comes in the form of my websites. It’s no secret that I’ve had tons of different projects going on for a while now. In addition to my books, I’ve had websites in the works, on a variety of subjects. As time has passed, the passion I’ve had for some of the topics has waned, but I’ve kept them alive because I thought the sites had potential. But, through careful consideration, I’ve finally decided to let a couple of them go. Unless something drastic happens between now and then, when my money and gift-giving sites expire (in about a year), I will not be renewing them. Though I haven’t done much with them in a while, the fact that they’ve been on a back burner has been taking up mental space, and I need the room!

I will still have my general professional site (www.VanessaKelman.com), my Usborne Books & More site (www.NessasUsborneBooks.com), my family fun site (www.FreeFamilyFuninCT.com), and I’m sticking with my A Life You Want site (www.ALifeYouWant.com), though that one needs work. That’s still a lot, but for the most part those (except for A Life You Want) are up and running and will just require general maintenance and updating as necessary. That means perhaps I will have room for a new project…

Which brings me to my last development: the decision to start a new blog and website. I touched on this last week, and I’ve made the decision to go for it. This new site will be all about children’s books, literacy, etc. I already have a list of ideas for content, though it will take a while to write articles, do research, and design the site. But, as with my new ESR title, this is something I’m excited about, and it’s something I feel has a lot of potential.

OK, so if you’ve been reading my blog and reading this post, you’re probably thinking I’m nuts. New projects, making changes, and yet I still have not much to show for it. But this blog post is titled “a little clarity.” So what’s up with that? Let me explain.

Since before I started this blog, I’ve been struggling with what I want to do for a living. I’ve had different ideas, tried different career paths. I’ve followed different passions, expanded on different interests. I’ve owned businesses and worked for “the man.” I’ve brainstormed and driven myself nuts and researched and asked for input. And yet I was still lost. I still lacked focus, lacked a true path. But now I finally feel I’m heading in the right direction.

So what is that path? In what direction am I heading now?

What is the ONE thing that has remained consistent my entire life? What was there in the beginning and remains to this day? My love of books.

I’ve read them, I’ve written them, I’ve tried to sell them. They’ve made me laugh and made me cry. They’ve taught me and kept me entertained. I’ve read them aloud and read them to myself. They’ve kept me company and provided an escape. They’ve encouraged my kids to curl up on my lap, snuggled against my shoulder. I love the feel of them, the look of them, the way that you can learn anything just by reading one. I love how they spark our imaginations, teach us about ourselves and the world around us, offer kids a way to explore anything they want. Books are awesome!

So, as I’ve stumbled over the past couple of months, determined to finally figure this out, I’ve finally reached some conclusions. And I’ve decided that, for the most part, my professional life is going to be dedicated to these wonderful compilations of words. I will continue to read them, write them, sell them, share them with my children and other people’s children. And now I will write about them, teach about them, encourage through them, and hopefully help others realize how amazing they really are. I will go back to school and become a librarian so I can earn a steady income while sharing this passion. And I will be successful, because I think this is what I was meant to do.

Now, a lot is still up in the air (like that pesky lack of money), and I have a lot to still figure out, but I’m choosing to stay positive. I’m choosing to hold on to the excitement and enthusiasm as long as I can, and to let it move me forward. When I’m excited about something, I feel like anything is possible. And I’ll need that feeling if I’m going to make this happen! So here’s to excitement, passion, and all things good…may they drive me to success — at last!


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