Pushing and Prodding

Sometimes I lack the energy, motivation, or desire to do what I have scheduled in my planner. Not surprising — I am human, after all. When this happens, though, I have to decide how to proceed. I am very committed to my projects and goals, but I don’t want to be miserable in the process, either.

Often I’ll give myself two options: push myself to start the project anyway, or let myself do something else productive. If I push myself, my experience has been that I’m usually fine after a few minutes. Once I get going on something, my energy and motivation pick up, and I’m able to make progress on that day’s project — sometimes even more than I had originally planned. But, if I really don’t want to push myself (or I lack the resources, such as time and energy, to work on the project), I will let myself work on a different task or project, as long as I’m being productive and still moving toward my goals.

A day or two of working on something else won’t set me back much, especially if I swap days (work on something I was going to do a different day anyway, then plan on doing the original plan on that day). But if I keep pushing off the original project, then I start slipping and falling behind. That, unfortunately, has been the case the last few days.

While I have been productive — making items for my craft fairs, updating one of my websites, taking care of some smaller tasks that needed doing — I’ve been falling behind in my cleaning project. I had had it penciled in to my planner for the last two weeks, and this coming week, and then I had hoped to have the bulk of it done, leaving me open to work on another big project and fit in cleaning periodically in smaller doses. But, since I have been doing other things instead, I may have to extend the cleaning project, pushing everything else later (and setting me back in other ways).

So what can I do to get back on track? The original plan I had had for myself was carefully though out, letting me meet goals I had set for myself in a timely manner. If I push things back, I will either have to scramble to meet my goals or have them met late. Since I have certain deadlines (like the craft shows I have booked in November), making them later may not be as beneficial. It seems, then, that the better option would be to fit in some extra cleaning time when I hadn’t had it scheduled. That will mean pushing some other items I had planned, but, if I push items that are not as pressing, it should work out.

It looks like I’ll have to sit down with my planner again and really figure things out. If only I had complete control over my energy and motivation levels! But, since I don’t, I’ll have to take care of things as best I can. And hope it all works out!


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