My moods and motivation levels vary, same as everyone else. Currently, though, I’m in a bit of a motivated, take charge mood. I’ve decided my motto for the next couple of months is going to be “less on the to do list, more on the done list.” That means I’m working on clearing up projects and tasks that have been hanging around for far too long. It means getting to a point where the daily tasks – dishes and laundry and tidying up – are just part of my routine, not a monumental obstacle that needs to be dealt with around the other monumental obstacles.

As I believe I’ve mentioned previously, a big part of this is cleaning. I’ve made a decent dent in the disaster area that was our basement, but there’s still a long way to go. Plus I need desperately to tackle the bedroom, which has become home to bags and boxes of miscellaneous stuff that needs real homes. Then, once the house is mostly cleaned and organized, it’s time to tackle the deep clean and renovation stuff. We have mice debris to clean up (and, as a result, carpet cleaning to do, ceiling tiles to replace, and lots of dusting and wiping down to take care of).  There are shelves I want to put up in the mud room to get more organized for supplies and kids’ stuff. We’re separating Avery’s room into two separate rooms (not a permanent division, but a pretty solid one), so there’s some light renovation work there. His room was originally two rooms (you can see where the second door was, and between the two sections of his room is really just a wide doorway) so it’s not as big a task as it sounds, but it still has to get done. This will not only give Avery a smaller room – and hopefully a cozier feeling so he doesn’t get as scared at night – but also a separate living space should we opt to pursue foster parenting.

Though these projects are definitely the most pressing, I also have three websites that are crying out for help. For two I have a lot of content that just needs to be posted, but getting the content ready to post is time-consuming. The third needs more content written and posted. The two that have content written — A Life You Want and Your Gift Finders — I was hoping to have at least mostly completed before my craft shows in November, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen. If I could at least have them done by the end of year I’d be at least somewhat happy (but I’d really prefer earlier!).

I also still have some items to post on eBay, some items that need to go to the consignment shop, and bags and bags of cans and bottles that need to get redeemed. So many tasks that I JUST WANT DONE! Hence my motto. Now if I could only get the kids to cooperate so I can make some real progress….



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