When you have many items on your to do list, it’s important to prioritize. Which items are most urgent? Which items are most important? Sort items in order of importance and address the most important items first.

Ha! Wouldn’t it be great if it were that simple? But throw a few million items on the to do list, with some urgent, some important, some meaningful, some affecting other items that are important, some affecting other people who are important, and it all becomes a jumbled up mess. That is my current dilemma.

I had had everything settled. My planner was all organized with time to take care of the projects and other things I cared about. I was able to fit it all in, with even a little wiggle room here and there. Then stupid me had to go and add more stuff, shift some things to a higher priority, and set deadlines on myself. Now I’ve been “tweaking” and “adjusting” and trying to make it all work again. Easier said than done.

So prioritize. Currently the most urgent matter is my Usborne business. I’ve set my online launch party up (for this coming Sunday – gasp!), and I’m hoping to book a few parties through that. That means I have to actually learn and figure out what I’m doing! I know next to nothing about these products so far, so I’m going to have spend the next few days learning about the business and the products so I can be successful. Of course I was planning on learning all that anyway, but now I have a deadline and a sense of urgency when before I had planned on easing myself in a bit. But of course companies want you to set goals, with incentives if you get things done quickly, so it’s not quite as laid back as I had initially intended. I shouldn’t be surprised though, and I’m not, really. I just should have set aside the time before I jumped in.

I’m not worried about the products. It’s the procedures I’m worried about — setting up the party in the system, making sure orders are handled properly, making sure I know the policies and information before the party so I don’t mislead people. I know my team leader will be able to help throughout the process, but it’s still a little nervewracking!

The other pressing item on my to do list at the moment is cleaning the house. As I mentioned previously, Kevin and I are considering applying to become foster parents. A big part of the process is ensuring a suitable home environment for the kid(s) we would be fostering. Currently our house is in not in the best condition. We have mice to clear out, clutter to clear and organize, deep-down cleaning to take care of, room dividers or walls and doors to put up…the list goes on. And, of course, knowing how well I work on a deadline, I set one for us. The plan is to spend October cleaning and organizing and figuring things out, so come November we can decide if we want to proceed, without the house issue hanging over us. The cleaning has to be done anyway; this just provides a sense of urgency — not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned, though at the moment it’s competing for my attention a bit with the Usborne stuff I mentioned above.

And let’s not forget the other goals I had set for myself: getting websites up and running and making items to sell. The deadline for those? Well, ideally, in time for the craft shows I have scheduled, which take place in November, on the 4th and 19th. So prep work for those is conflicting with the aforementioned items, as well.


Ok, Nessa, breathe. Whenever I get overwhelmed and stressed and frustrated, the best thing to do is step back and come up with a plan. So that’s what I shall do.

First up is maximizing the time I have. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been tweaking my sleep schedule so I get sufficient sleep, while getting sleep in the right increments (1 1/2 hour increments seem to work best) to ensure I wake up energized instead of groggy. Working with these times I’ve had a little more time in the evenings, and a little more time in the mornings. As long as my sleep hasn’t been interrupted too much by the kids, I do pretty well. I was able to tackle a bit of clutter in the basement yesterday morning, and I was able to tackle some Usborne party prep this morning before I sat down to blog. I have a long way to go, but it’s a start.

Next up is figuring out when I’ll do what. I’m trying to keep the bulk of my initial plans in tact. I still have a bunch of projects to handle, and I don’t want to fall behind on some old things just because I’ve set deadlines for new things. So I’ve mostly taken mornings — time that wasn’t being maximized — and fit in Usborne and cleaning tasks. Depending on how much time I end up with I may have to alternate days, or I can handle some Usborne stuff before I tackle some cleaning stuff. Either way I’ll move forward with both. Websites and product creation were already factored in to my initial plans, so, as long as I stay on track with those plans in the evenings, I should be OK.

Am I nuts? Probably. But I thrive on challenges. I work well with deadlines. And I certainly won’t get bored! Somewhere in my crazy little mind I’m convinced I can get it all done. And I may just have enough determination to make it happen. I guess only time will tell!


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