A New Project

Starting a new project can be exciting and fun. You get caught up in the “newness” of everything, wanting to jump right in. Your thoughts run a mile a minute, coming up with new ideas, new things to try, trying to catch all the little details. You want to learn everything you can, become completely immersed in this new experience.

Then reality kicks in.

Though I regularly come up with new project ideas, I have to limit myself because of that whole reality thing. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle everything I want to try. But I said “yes” to a new project recently — becoming an Usborne consultant — and now I have to find a way to make it work.

If it looks like it’ll be such a challenge, why did I go for it? Well, in addition to it being something that I really wanted to do — and something that stuck with me for the past few months, unlike some projects whose interest wanes — it has the potential to bring in money, and we are sorely in need of that. If you can’t cut expenses, you have to bring in more income, and that’s what I’m trying to do. And, with the holidays coming up and this being a peak selling time, it made sense to take on this project now.

But now I have to fit it in to my already-packed schedule.

Fortunately that ended up being easier than anticipated. Monday nights I didn’t have much going on — just some miscellaneous website maintenance kind of stuff — so I replaced that with Usborne work. And since it’s October, Kevin is working at the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce (he’s the Dungeon Master), which means our regular Sunday-night date nights are no longer possible, leaving Sunday nights open, as well.

I have a lot to learn, and I’m hoping these two chunks of time will help me do just that. Once November hits I should at least have a good feel for the products and systems, so I won’t need as much learning time and can cut back on the Sunday nights. I will still need time for parties, since this is direct sales, but most parties are actually held online now, through Facebook, so there isn’t as much of a time commitment, for either myself or the hosts of the parties. And it’ll be easier to fit into my schedule, because I won’t have to worry about finding a sitter for the kids if Kevin is working.

As with anything new there will be challenges, but I’m up for it. Last night I learned a bunch about the company and the party process, and I’ll be reading more tonight and watching some learning videos. I have to host a launch party soon, but fortunately I can do that online, as well, since my house is nowhere close to being ready to host a party! Then we’ll see how it goes.

It’s exciting. It’s challenging. But I thrive on challenges. A little stressful? Sure. But I could use a little adrenaline rush right now. Let’s get this party started!


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