Those Unpleasant Tasks

Wouldn’t be nice if we could spend all our time doing the things we wanted to do? The house would clean itself. The bills would pay themselves. All those other unpleasant tasks and chores would just take care of themselves. And we could devote every waking moment to fun, meaningful, enjoyable stuff.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. It feels like much too much of each day is filled with things I have to do, rather things I want to do. Especially the cleaning bit. I really don’t like the cleaning bit.

Rather than bemoan the situation (after all, the house really isn’t going to clean itself), I’ve decided to just tackle it head-on. The current state of our house is rather dismal. Clutter everywhere, dirt and debris building up, utter chaos in the basement. And it’s at the point when I can’t move forward with some of the changes I mentioned last time without first taking care of the mess. Where will I host the launch party for my new Usborne business, for example, if there’s nowhere for people to move, let alone sit and browse?

So I’m tweaking my daily plans. Mornings will be devoted to big tasks — like cleaning the house or posting stuff on eBay or doing some of the nitty gritty work on one of my websites — and I’ll spend a week or two on each task, rather than a day here and there. I’m hoping the daily momentum will keep me going and I’ll start making progress since it feels like I’m getting nowhere as things stand.

The next couple of days I plan on tackling the eBay pile. By the end of October I hope to have the house pretty clean — at least to the point where I’m not ashamed to have people over. And by the time my craft shows hit in November I hope to have two big websites (those that I hope to advertise at the shows) full of content and ready for visitors.

The only possible setbacks would be lack of time (in the form that I oversleep in the mornings) and a lack of motivation. Motivation I can handle with a little willpower; if I push to get myself started, the momentum will keep me going. Lack of time is somewhat out of my control (if the kids wake me up during the night I’m inclined to sleep in a bit), but I’m tweaking my sleep schedule to give myself more time in the mornings, which should help overall.

It’s not perfect, and I still dread some of the tasks, but I know I’ll feel so much better once they’re done. Then I can move forward. Finally!


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