Oh, the Possibilities!

Isn’t it funny how one minute life can just be cruising along, staying pretty much the same, and then all of a sudden a bunch of changes seem to be pending all at once? Nothing definite, just a rumor here, some people talking over there, an idea suggested there. And suddenly the brain starts whirring, taking in all the possible changes and how they’ll affect everything.

Nothing has been decided anywhere — just snippets of conversation that, were they to come to pass, could have lasting consequences. But it just makes me wonder.

I’m not afraid of change unless the change is truly a negative one. In some ways I crave change, as I often get bored if things remain stagnant too long. And I love to come up with new ideas, new plans, new solutions. They’re new challenges, and I do love a good challenge. And, since I can often think of many different points of view on any given issue, I can explore different scenarios and figure out what I would do. I thrive on that.

So, with all these hypotheticals and generalizations, what can I share? Well, Kevin will likely be losing his second job in the near future, which puts us in a tricky situation financially. But I have signed up to be an Usborne Books representative, which may help supplement whatever he finds, or even replace it. Kevin may be joining me in that endeavor, though he hasn’t decided yet. If he doesn’t, he’ll likely be looking for a job similar to what he has now, provided he can find one.

Another potentially big change? It was suggested to us that we might want to consider becoming foster parents. The stipend provided by the state would certainly help us financially, but more importantly we could make a difference in a child’s (or children’s) life. Kevin and I are still discussing it, and we haven’t made any decisions, though when I mentioned the possibility to Avery he was excited at the idea of more kids to play with. It’s a big decision though — and one that would mean a lot of time and effort into getting our home ready (though most of the required effort needs to be done anyway, since it involves cleaning and organizing).

Those are the changes most likely to actually occur, though others have been tossed around in conversation. Right now I’m simply processing and digesting each potential change, exploring resolutions, determining plans if each one were to pass. I like to be prepared so I’m not completely thrown off guard. But it’s not always easy, especially changes that involve money. Bills still have to be paid! But change can be a good thing. And I’ll do my best to make sure that it is.


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