Refilling the Glass

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you view the glass as half full or half empty? I once read a meme somewhere that advised that these aren’t the only two options — the glass is refillable. I love that. Not only is it an optimistic view of looking at the world, but it can be very motivating, too. If you’re dragging, looking at the world negatively, refill your glass.

I have to do that on a somewhat regular basis. As with anyone else, I fall victim to bouts of stress and depression. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything, especially if I convince myself it wouldn’t do much good or it can be put off without consequence. But if I let myself remain a victim, I feel even worse. I kick myself for not doing what I should have done. I feel more lethargic and lazy — possibly even more stressed or depressed. Being sick these last few days I’ve definitely felt myself slipping down that slope a bit.

But it’s not how I want to live, and it certainly won’t get me closer to my goals. So instead, I take a deep breath and push myself a little. I refill my glass, and in doing so give myself more energy, more motivation. I feel better, more optimistic. I’m more productive, which in turn keeps me motivated and more inclined to be productive in the future.

This week I’ve had to push myself on more than one occasion, and it’s always worked out. I blogged about it last time — how even though I had a cold, I wasn’t letting it stop me from staying on track. I’ve been pretty successful the last couple of days, too, despite still dragging from my cold. Sure, I’ve been tired, but I haven’t let it stop me.

I am of the mind that we can each take charge of our own lives and create the lives we want. It’s what led to my original blog, and what guides me each day, each week, each month. If you’re unhappy with something, change it. If you want something, go get it. So if you let yourself get sucked into negative thinking, snap yourself out of it. The more you do it, the easier it will get.


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