Sick But Successful

While some things are at least mostly in your control — sleep, food, water, as I indicated in my previous post — some things aren’t — like getting sick. Yes, I’m sick. It’s just a cold, but it stinks big time.

I must say, though, that I’m pretty proud of myself. Yesterday, despite being sick and tired, I got about 90% of the things in my planner done. The only thing that didn’t get done was the dishes — and let’s be honest, sometimes those don’t get done even if I’m feeling fine. So the kitchen is a bit of a mess, but I hope to tackle that this morning, and all will go back to normal. Hopefully this cold will pass quickly, and how I feel will go back to normal, too.

It’s nice to see the plan working, though. I feel I was quite productive yesterday. I hope to check off most, if not all, of my items today, too. And tomorrow. Each day that I complete my plans is a day I’m closer to some of my goals. I wonder if I should start one of those calendars where you mark off each day you’ve been successful? The idea is that you mark each day, and start a streak. The more time that passes, the longer the streak gets, and the more likely you’ll stay on track. You don’t want to break the streak. It may not be a bad idea. I do like goals. And checking things off. Perhaps I shall.

Speaking of goals, what are my goals? If you look way back to my post at the beginning of the year, I detailed my goals quite specifically. And they were quite ambitious. A couple I’ve checked off already (resume family fun days, create a regular routine, continue using cash and rolling coin); a couple I have no hope of checking off ($1000 in an emergency fund by the end of the year? I’ll be lucky if I have Avery’s tuition for December in time). My goals have been adjusted and tweaked and added to and subtracted from. These days I’m keeping things simple. By the end of the year I hope to:

  • Have all of my websites up and running with enough content to make them useful and traffic-worthy. These websites are:
    • (this site is essentially done, though I do add new events every week. I hope to add more additional content, though, and I already have some ideas on what to add.)
    • (I have a ton of posts to re-post, since I lost the original site due to my poor planning. I also want to add resources and tools and other such things, in addition to general posts.)
    • (This is a general money site I’m creating, with a target audience of those who are struggling with money and are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and those who may just be starting out and don’t know anything about money beyond income and bills. I have several articles written, but a lot more to write.)
    • (This is my gift-giving website, full of ideas on what to give different recipients on different occasions. It also has the most potential to be income-generating, as I plan on selling items through it, as well. I have several articles written that need to be posted, and more I plan on writing. I also need to tweak the “store” part of it.)
  • Clean my house — at least to the point that I’m not climbing over things and seeing miscellaneous clutter every time I look around.
  • Bring in enough income to pay all our bills each month, without having to use credit cards or “skip a payment” on our loans, preferably with a cushion so I don’t panic come January (or any month thereafter).

I’m still trying to make steps toward the other goals I set, but I’m trying to be realistic with my current resources. And some goals depend on other goals — for example, I need to clean my basement before I can start my exercise routine because I currently have no room to move, nevermind exercise. But, as with everything, they’re a work in progress. As long as I’m making progress I’ll be happy. And if I stick to my plan, I’ll make tons of progress. Let’s make it happen!

What are some of your goals? How do you keep track of your progress?


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