It’s the little things

It’s amazing how much little things can affect us: sleep, water, food. These things are obviously necessary to survive, but tweaking them even just a little bit can have drastic effects.


This weekend was a little rough, primarily because Avery did not seem to want to let me sleep. He woke me up multiple times a night to restart his story CD. He listens to stories to fall asleep, and when he wakes up in the middle of the night he wants the stories back on so he can fall back to sleep. I have no problem with this (though I wish he was sleeping through the night rather than waking up). The problem is that the CD player is well within reach at the base of his bed, and he is more than capable of starting the CD again on his own. Yet this weekend he found it necessary to wake me up to start it. I told him in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable.

Having my sleep disturbed — and having his sleep disturbed — caused both of us to be a little tired, and Avery more than a little cranky and irritable. Avery does not do well when he hasn’t slept enough, and that makes all of us rather miserable. To make matters worse, even taking a nap yesterday didn’t seem to help. And it put a damper on the entire day.

The good news is that I had a decent night’s sleep last night, and I can only guess that Avery did, as well. Though I heard the stories going this morning when I woke (meaning he had to turn them on again shortly beforehand), I’m hoping this was the only time he woke up. Fingers are crossed, because today is a school day, and I definitely don’t want him tired and cranky!

With a good night’s sleep under my belt, though, I can at least stay mostly on track for my own tasks.


When I wrote this blog long ago, I often touted the benefits of drinking enough water, and I kept insisting I was going to work on drinking more. Yet with all my talk about it, I still seem to not drink enough. And I’m sure that contributes to the lethargic feeling I get somewhat regularly. Perhaps if I drank enough I would feel more energized. I’ve often heard that drinking enough water has a ton of positive side effects: gives you more energy, keeps everything running smoothly, even helps with weight loss. Since I’m struggling in all 3 areas, perhaps it’s time to set goals once again.


I know I’m a carb and sugar nut. And I know this is not good for me. Yet over the past few months, as I’ve been paying more attention to myself, my body, and my needs, I’ve definitely noticed on a regular basis how this has affected me. The “sugar crash” effect that I never thought used to happen to me happens all the time. When I suddenly feel tired and drained, I can almost always link it to a sugary snack I had not that long before. And it happens with alarming regularity.

I’ve talked before about cutting back on unhealthy snacks, yet I seem to have slipped back into bad habits. I’m sure this is at least part of the reason my waistline has increased this year. So it’s time to tweak my diet again. It’s time to eat more of the good stuff — fruits and veggies, proteins — and less of the carbs and sugars. Money can make this difficult, but I know I can make it work. It just takes a little planning and finagling, and I’ve got plenty of time for that, right?

Put It All Together

With these 3 forces working together, it’s easy to see why I was drained yesterday and nearly fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon. I was able to pull myself together once I got up and started doing things again, but I can’t let this happen all the time. I’ve got to keep my body running efficiently. I need to stay healthy. Plus, how else am I going to tackle my crazy schedule?

The good news is that, to an extent, the changes I need to make are within my control. I am in charge of what enters my body, and, as a result, how what I consume affects me. As long as the kids cooperate I have control over my sleep, as well. I just need to make sure I go to bed at a decent time and wake up at a corresponding time that gives me the sleep I need.

Once I’ve got these 3 factors in check, it’s time to tackle the other part of the puzzle that is sorely lacking: exercise. You’d think that running around after 2 young children, plus the number of times I’m going up and down stairs to take care of their seemingly endless needs, that I would be in fine physical form. But that is, sadly, not the case. For now, though, I’ve got my hands full. I’ll tackle exercise soon. Really. I promise.

How do you make sure your body is running efficiently?


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