The Elusive Dollar

I have tons of projects going on. And I am confident that, once everything is up and running and I’ve got traffic going to my sites and such, I’ll be bringing in a decent amount of income. The problem? Getting everything up and running and attracting traffic is going to take time and a bit of work. And we need the money now.

The Problem

Despite working diligently to bring in income, we’re still struggling. Avery’s preschool tuition has gone up this year, thanks to the fact that he’s going full days now instead of just afternoons. And, of course, all of our regular bills — including the mountain of debt — still has to be paid, too. In addition, Avery has started seeing a therapist to help with his behavioral issues. We’re pretty sure he has ADHD, and that will require evaluations and additional appointments and meetings with specialists that all cost money, too.

With these added expenses, we need additional income, yet we’re at a loss as to how to close the gap. Kevin is already working two jobs (with a third coming up in October when he starts up at the Haunted Graveyard again), and I have to take care of the kids and household in addition to my day job. What else can we do?

The Options

For starters I’ve been trying to sell stuff. I did surprisingly well selling some jewelry at a pawn shop. I’m participating in a kids’ tag sale taking placing at the end of this month, which I hope will be successful. And I’m starting to put both personal and business items on eBay again. Posting on eBay is definitely one of my weekly projects, but it can be very hit or miss as to whether items will sell or not.

I also decided to try a site I keep hearing about to help with my many projects. While costs for my projects are low, they do take quite a bit of time. So I started a Patreon account to try and attract “patrons” who are interested in sponsoring my endeavors on a monthly basis. No hits so far, but it’s a new account, so perhaps soon.

Steady, reliable income is still out of reach, though. I’ve been brainstorming frantically but have yet to come up with any ideas. I could scrounge up a few hours a week to do a work-from-home job if I had to, but the options out there are less than appealing. The bulk seem to be customer service, and I definitely do not want to do customer service again. The times I’ve looked into transcription didn’t yield any results. Survey sites or sites like Mechanical Turk don’t pay much and don’t seem to be worth the time (unless I was spending my free time zoning out to TV or something, which I’m not). The times I’ve written articles for profit-sharing sites have not yielded much, either.

I’ve thought about blogging for money. There are sites that link people who are looking for blog posts with people who are willing to write said blog posts, and the result is income. But unless the posts needed are on topics I’m already familiar with, research and writing could be time consuming.

Once I have the money for the starter kit (yet another expense, but one that could pay for itself), I hope to become a representative for Usborne Books. It is direct sales, but there’s the possibility of selling to libraries and schools, which is the part that appeals to me the most. While I have nothing against home parties and catalog sales, they can be difficult and unreliable, and I’m not a salesperson by nature. I can handle libraries and schools, though, and I know Avery would love to visit different libraries with me. Still, I have to wait for the starter kit.

The Solution

I’m still working this part out. For now I’m stretching our money as far as it can go. I’m juggling bills and going to the bank multiple times a week as we have the cash to cover the bills due. I’ll keep posting things on eBay and hoping ads on my sites bring in something. And I’ll try to scrounge up a few bucks for the Usborne starter kit. Eventually something will pay off, right?

We’re making ends meet for now. I just want to make sure it stays that way!

Do you have any ideas on how to bring in extra money? What do you do when money is tight?


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