Steps Forward and Backward

I’m happy to say that I’ve been accumulating quite a bit for my tag sale. So far I’ve tackled about half of my bedroom, and the holiday closet in the basement (done first since we had to put Christmas decorations away), and I’m up to four and a half tall kitchen garbage bags full of items to sell. I also have a few items to attempt to sell on eBay. That means my purge has thus far been successful. It’s also moving a little faster than anticipated, mostly because I’ve been multi-tasking my heart out while the kids have played nearby.

It’s a good thing one of my projects has made progress, since I’m falling behind on just about everything else. I haven’t been sleeping well (thanks to interruptions by the kids, the dog, and even Kevin), and that means I’ve gone to bed early for the past three nights, eating into my prime productive time. I’ve been able to make some of it up in the early morning, but I’m still slipping a bit. I’m not nearly as far as I had hoped in my business paperwork and organizing, and I haven’t been able to tackle finances too much (except to get thoroughly depressed and stressed when realizing how much more we need to bring in each month). I have hopes, however, that I’ll be able to catch up and have these tasks done by the end of the month, at least well enough that we can get our taxes done. I just have to hope for sleep!

Since I’ve examined our finances enough to know we need to bring in more money, I plan on devoting at least a little time in the coming week to research online. I know there are places through which I can write for money, whether it be articles or blog posts or some other such thing. If I can find something worthwhile, perhaps I can sneak in a few hours here and there to get some writing done, even if it isn’t the kind of writing I’d like to do. I do hope to work on my own writing projects, and establish my gift business, but at the moment neither one has a high-enough chance of stable income; I’ll have to find something else. Kevin also plans on taking on more hours at his part time job (especially now that the other, more profitable, one has ended). Perhaps combined we can squeak by. If anyone knows any reputable sources of work-at-home income, I’m all ears!

Money and projects aside, we’ve been struggling a little bit with Avery’s mood and behavioral issues lately. We’ve decided to discontinue naps, and, while it has been overall beneficial, I’m concerned he’s not getting enough sleep. Naps were messing him up more than helping, but he’s not sleeping long enough overnight. He seems to have developed an internal clock that insists he wakes up at about 5:15 every morning, regardless of when he went to bed. While I’ve been trying to get him to bed earlier, I’m not sure how else to ensure he gets enough rest. I will likely need to discuss it with his pediatrician if the situation doesn’t improve. Lack of sleep definitely leads to more behavioral issues, and nobody wants that!

All in all it’s been a rough week, but there’s hope of improvement. With a few good nights’ sleep and a little willpower, I know I can move forward once again.


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