First Things First

The goals that I outlined last week are all fine and good, but right now I feel very far from them. Our house is a disaster area. I have paperwork to catch up on for my business, and that has to get done soon so we can file our taxes. I don’t know what’s going on with Kevin’s part-time jobs, so I have to figure out our financial status. And I feel I barely have time to breathe, nevermind move forward.

Keeping all that in mind, I’ve been putting priority on a few things (other than the day-to-day needs):

  • Using up and purging items around the house. My goal of cleaning up the house first requires clearing out all the items that we don’t use, or that have been sitting far too long without being used. The process has begun, and I’ve already accumulated quite a bit to sell at a tag sale I’m hoping to hold in the spring. I’m far from done, though.
  • Both for cleaning purposes and tax purposes, catching up on paperwork for my business and tidying up my craft space/office. I can barely move in that room as it stands, which is unacceptable, not to mention not exactly conducive to creative projects. I have to get it organized.
  • Evaluating our financial status so I can come up with a game plan. I need to make sure our never-late-on-payments streak stays alive, and that’s looking a little easier said than done at the moment.

Though my logical mind knows that these are the areas where I need to focus my attention at the moment, that doesn’t help the part of me that wants to move forward on my many projects. I still want to get my gift website and business going. I still want to work on writing and creative projects. I still want to work on my other blog, and the workshops and seminars I talked about. But I’m thinking that for at least the next month or so I’m going to have to focus. Bummer!

The good news is that if I can stay focused and make progress on these priorities, then I can tackle my projects and focus on those like I want to. As my dad likes to say, “one thing at a time.” Though, in this case, it’s more like three things at a time. For me, though, that’s progress!


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