Magical Days

I love days off, especially productive ones. And yesterday was pretty darn productive.

It started with finishing (finally) decorating our tree and hanging our stockings. Of course I’m happy to finally have them set up, but the highlight was the fact that I finished before Avery got up. So when we were walking down the stairs, the tree and lighted garland on the banister came into view, and his eyes lit up. I loved watching his little face as he took it all in.

From there, however, the day moved on to less magical things. Loading and running the dishwasher, putting away a load of laundry, cleaning the bathroom while Avery was (supposed to be) napping. Then we went out shopping, and while I didn’t quite finish like I wanted to, I did make progress. I’m hoping one last trip to Kohls and one last trip to Aldi will complete my shopping for Christmas. Now I just need to find time to go!

After shopping I put things away, finally finished writing out thank you cards from Avery’s blessing, and prepped a couple of Christmas gifts to mail. (Thankfully Kevin has to go to the post office every day for work, so I won’t have to battle the lines!) All in allĀ  a pretty good day, and I got to spend it with my peanut, so that was a good thing, too.

Today it’s back to work, which is a bummer, but I have to keep next week in sight. I have Sunday off, work Monday, then have Tuesday and Wednesday off. It’ll be a time to enjoy family and friends and forget about the “real world” for a bit. And even though I love the presents and the decorations, to me, that’s what it’s really all about: spending time with loved ones and enjoying the special moments only this time of year can bring. Happy Holidays!

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